How Emotional Intelligence Propels Organizations

How Emotional Intelligence Propels Organizations

Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speaker Janine Hamner Holman

“Emotionally intelligent teams are at least 20% more profitable!”

Janine Hamner Holman, Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speaker

Emotional Intelligence keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman’s unique and fun talk on emotional intelligence highlights the power of what has been known as “soft skills,” especially those connected to emotional intelligence, to supercharge organizations.  Filled with anecdotes from her professional life as a speaker and trainer, Janine’s keynote illuminates why emotional intelligence is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a “must have” for organizations.

Emotional intelligence was once the domain of social scientists and personal growth.  But in the talk delivered by emotional intelligence keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman, she illustrates how and why it has become an essential part of business management, leadership, and initiatives to build diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

While we all seem to want to believe that humans are “thinking beings that occasionally have emotions,” science has revealed that we are – without question – feeling beings that sometimes think!  As an emotional intelligence keynote speaker, Janine blends powerful stories and humor to help us all come to terms with that reality.  Janine’s keynote speech then moves through the pillars of emotional intelligence: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision-making, and stress management.

In this keynote by emotional intelligence keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman, she also touches on the challenge that almost all people have with listening – a prerequisite for emotional intelligence.  While most of us think WE do a good job listening, we are also quick to point out how little OTHERS listen!  According to a recent Gallup survey, 91% of employee think their manager doesn’t listen…so we probably all need to brush up on these skills.

Janine peppers her talk with stories from the trenches of her work with actual people in real organizations… and the strategies, challenges and triumphs they have created on their road to emotional intelligence.  This is what makes Janine a sought after international emotional intelligence keynote speaker: these stories combined with actionable tips on how you can begin increasing your emotional intelligence (and the emotional intelligence of your people!) today!

“We really appreciated both having Janine as an emotional intelligence keynote speaker and then getting to work directly with her. Everyone who cares about emotional intelligence and team performance will benefit immensely from Janine’s keynote and work. Our group enjoyed not only the messages, but also Janine’s presentation style. In a short period of time, Janine provided our team with an understanding of emotional intelligence and why it really matters in business, along with as the tool sets and strategies needed to enable us to enhance and develop our skills. For all organizations, the ability to communicate effectively – both internally and externally – is key to success. Janine was instrumental in giving us some new language to use with each other to increase our effectiveness in team communication. We look forward to working with Janine again.”

Kit Cole, Chief External Affairs Officer, TCA

Successful businesses must have people who are strong communicators, can develop empathy and connection with employees and customers, make sound decisions, and are resilient… in other words, have high emotional intelligence.  As an emotional intelligence keynote speaker, Janine lays out clear tools and strategies for developing emotional intelligence for ourselves, our teams, and our organizations.

In addition to her work as a conscious leadership keynote speaker, Janine Hamner Holman is the CEO of J&J Consulting Group and the author of the forthcoming book, Why Are the Soft Skills so Damn Hard…and Many Other Things We Got Wrong, as well as a contributing author to the book, On The Shoulders of Mighty Women.

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