Toxic Workplace Incivility Keynote Speaker

Ending Incivility in the Workplace: from Microaggressions to Toxicity

Workplace Incivility Keynote Speaker Janine Hamner Holman

“Unfortunately, many workplaces have become a hotbed of incivility, toxic managers, and employee disengagement…and we can turn it around!”

Janine Hamner Holman, Workplace Incivility Keynote Speaker

According to The Harvard Business Review (HBR), in just over 30 years, the percentage of workers experiencing incivility in the workplace has risen from 25% to 99% today!  Throughout her 30+ year career, toxic workplace incivility keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman has worked with organizations to transform internal cultures from ones characterized by incivility and toxicity to ones grounded in trust and clear, respectful communication that leads to both productivity and profitability.  Janine’s talk helps people and organizations to begin that transformation through motivation, inspiration, and concrete steps.

In her role as a toxic workplace incivility keynote speaker, Janine reveals the range of incidences of incivility in the workplace with humor, compassion, and candor so that we can all see how we contribute to and respond to incivility. 

Challenges inside organizations happen all along a spectrum – including things people may not intend like microaggressions and unconscious bias – to toxic behaviors, which can also be intentional or unintentional.  Until we can bring the things that are happening into the open, and from the unconscious into the conscious, we have no opportunity for lasting change.  Janine’s goal as a workplace incivility keynote speaker is to help individuals and organizations uncover the behaviors and their impacts so that change is possible.

Once we can see the range of inappropriate and even toxic behaviors, Janine masterfully lays out the devastating impact of incivility: from its impact on us individually, to its devastating impact on employees, the bottom line, and its impact on humanity.  As an internationally sought-after toxic workplace incivility keynote speaker, Janine’s job is to help people see the impacts on people and organizations of unwanted behavior and then how to begin to make changes that can transform everything from employee retention, to employee engagement and productivity, to organizational productivity.

It’s important, as a toxic workplace incivility keynote speaker, to be able to resonate with all levels of management as well as front-line employees.  It’s easy for people to criticize management or leadership of everything from microaggressions to toxic cultures.   And it’s vital to remember that we all have a role to play in the creation and perpetuation of culture.  So, we all get to be introspective and see where we can each individually make changes. 

With over three decades of experience, toxic workplace incivility keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman uses everything from stories from the trenches and Best Management Practices to illuminate the way to begin transforming our internal cultures to ones where incivility and toxic behaviors are not tolerated and positive ways to create accountability, increased productivity, and reinforce positive changes.

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Most organizations realize the importance of employee engagement, diversity initiatives, strong leadership, and organizational culture…but it can be hard to get started!  That’s part of what sets toxic workplace incivility keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman apart from her colleagues: Janine offers tips and practices to help both individuals and organizations take small steps that can lead to big changes.

“I’ve known of Janine’s work for some time…and invited her to present to my Vistage groups of CEOs on the topic of workplace civility. Using the terrifying statistic (Harvard Business Review), that 99% of workers reported that they experienced incivility in the workplace, Janine examined the sources and consequences of incivility and provided actionable steps, which CEOs love to walk away with. She scored 4.9 on their 5-point scale, which is unprecedented… Janine is a polished, thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional presenter. I would unreservedly recommend her to any organization, large or small, wanting to bring sustainable cultural change so as to drive results.”

Anna Kennedy, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Vistage Chair

In today’s fast-paced world, having employees who are engaged, agile, loyal, and resilient is the difference between success and failure…and workplace incivility keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman’s talk lays out how that connectivity cannot coexist alongside incivility and toxic behavior.  Employee engagement is highly impacted by psychological safety, organizational diversity, effective leadership and leaders, and organizational culture, so creating civility is paramount in a healthy and profitable organization.

As an organizational culture keynote speaker, Janine has developed a talk that is a compelling look at how established leaders increase their effectiveness and all who want to motivate and lead can begin that journey.  Janine’s expert perspectives on culture provides her audience to this keynote with specific tools they need to become more conscious leaders, more engaged team players, and stronger additions to high-functioning teams.

In addition to her work as a conscious leadership keynote speaker, Janine Hamner Holman is the CEO of J&J Consulting Group and the author of the forthcoming book, Why Are the Soft Skills so Damn Hard…and Many Other Things We Got Wrong, as well as a contributing author to the book, On The Shoulders of Mighty Women.

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