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Conscious Leadership Keynote Speaker Janine Hamner Holman

“Leadership is a decision, not a position. By coaching, inspiring, and supporting people, we bring out their highest capacity and they shine as leaders.”

Janine Hamner Holman, Conscious Leadership Keynote Speaker

Throughout her career, conscious leadership keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman has worked with, and led, high performing teams. Since founding her own business in January 2017 , Janine has trained and inspired others to step into their own leadership. Janine’s keynote is predicated on her philosophy of leadership: leadership is a conscious decision, not a position. Regardless of pay, title, or position within an organization, we can all be leaders.

Janine has distinguished Six Principles of Conscious Leadership:


  • Understanding Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Deciding to be a leader
  • Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Listening
  • Openness, vulnerability & willingness to be uncomfortable
  • Having a growth mindset, curiosity, perpetual learning
The Principles of Conscious Leadership

You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between leadership and conscious leadership? Is it just bringing awareness/consciousness to my leadership?” Yes, it is! And it’s a lot more.

In the experience of conscious leadership keynote speaker Janine Hamner Holman, the most effective, impactful, and visionary leaders have developed an intentionality about their leadership. This is also the focus of the leadership talent development in her company, the J&J Consulting Group. Conscious leadership is about leaders becoming self-aware, intellectually curious, authentic, passionate, have an abundant and growth mindset, mission driven, and with an affinity for servant leadership so they have a focus on building a culture of “we” rather than a culture of “me.” At the same time, conscious leaders also understand the needs of all the organization’s stakeholders: customers, investors, stockholders, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which they operate.

Yet, there are many dynamics that get in the way of each of us creating and stepping into our own conscious leadership. As a conscious leadership keynote speaker, Janine delves into some of the things that get in the way of us being effective leaders.

We get hooked by titles, positions, others not “making space” for us, our own stories about what leaders look like, sound like, act like…and the list goes on!

We get hooked by “imposter syndrome,” which our research shows that everyone from administrative assistants to neurosurgeons face!

We fail to actually hear when others invite us to step into our leadership…or where there’s a void in leadership that can use our unique skills and talents.

We get stopped by the chatter in our own heads.

We get stopped by the things that other people say, and the things that we make up that means about us.


How can we fully step into and embrace our own conscious leadership?  

That’s the journey that Janine’s stories and research from over three decades of working with people and organizations on leadership creates in her role as a sought-after international conscious leadership keynote speaker.

One of the areas where Janine is a top conscious leadership keynote speaker is in the domain of women’s leadership:

In her conscious leadership keynote speech, Janine draws from her three decades of experience as an organizational leader and trainer of conscious leadership to showcase how any leader can bring out the best leadership in others.  One of the things that sets Janine apart as a conscious leadership keynote speaker is how she conveys her passion for developing inclusive leaders who:

  • Understand that our organizations are more profitable, agile, and resilient when they are also diverse and inclusive
  • Bring new voices to the table
  • Are women who support, rather than create unhealthy competition, with other women
  • Align initiatives and work to the organization’s compelling purpose
  • Create multi-generational partnerships
  • Are enthusiastic about developing the leadership of others
  • Are interested in developing their own emotional intelligence and that of their teams
  • Are compelled by coaching others to excellence and turned-off by old “command and control” structures
  • Embrace the importance of purpose 
  • Have – or want to cultivate – an abundance and growth mindset
  • Are willing to have candid discussions and come from honor and care
  • Understand the importance of creating psychological safety for our teams
  • Embrace the idea of creating “learning organizations”

“Janine has totally changed our ideas of “leadership.” While we understand that leadership and culture flow from the top, it also is all about how we interact with each other, with our clients and our vendors. We are all leaders and brand ambassadors, regardless of our actual jobs or titles.”

David Perez, President, VVS Services

As a conscious leadership keynote speaker, Janine has developed a talk that is a compelling look at how established leaders increase their effectiveness and all who want to motivate and lead can begin that journey.  Janine’s expert perspectives on leadership provides her audience to this keynote with specific tools they need to become more conscious leaders, more engaged team players, and stronger additions to high-functioning teams.

In addition to her work as a conscious leadership keynote speaker, Janine Hamner Holman is the CEO of J&J Consulting Group and the author of the forthcoming book, Why Are the Soft Skills so Damn Hard…and Many Other Things We Got Wrong, as well as a contributing author to the book, On The Shoulders of Mighty Women.


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