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Are your staff disengaged?

More than 85% of staff are.

Increasing employee engagement can increase profits by up to 25%! And you have happy, engaged people!

Are your best people leaving?

Most organizations are using the wrong tools to try to keep their top performers.

Keeping stars increases profits!

Are HR issues dragging you down?

90% of managers have never been trained!

Solving systemic problems frees you up for the important stuff!

Lack of effective communication?

Poor communication prevents efficiency and kills trust.

Simple tools can create productive communication and get your team back on track!

Teams stumbling on project management?

Organizational hurdles can derail even the most effective teams.

Balancing procedures and ownership can make the difference!

Resistance to change?

Most humans hate change. In today's world, change is a certainty!

Developing resilience will enable innovation to soar!


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J&J's discovery process is easy. We quickly find ways to help serve you.

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We create individualized plans to address your challenges and get everyone rowing together!


Your people are engaged, profits are up, and customers are highly loyal! We'll create it!

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To keep and retain world-class talent, here's what you need to do:

Science Based

What we know about brain science & emotional intelligence ensures results

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