Real world experience, academics, and science-based strategies

With more than 10 years studying brain science, degrees from Cornell, MHS and NYU, and more than 30 years as an executive and consultant, Janine’s insights on leadership and culture are rooted in deep experience and understanding. She has developed a science backed path to behavior change.

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Some of Janine’s featured keynote topics include:


The top issue on the minds of C-Suite Execs? Attraction and retention of top talent. The problem? Workplace incivility.
Harvard Business Review found that 99% of workers reported that they experienced incivility in the workplace! The cost of incivility on corporate bottom lines is staggering and the younger workers will quickly leave an organization whose values and behaviors don’t match their own. By introducing a seemingly “small” concept – civility – organizations can turn the tide.


In the state of constant disruption in which many organizations find themselves, the new Smart Machine Age and era of AI, organizations are being challenged to redefine the roles of their leaders – which is the trickiest to do as the way they’ve done things in the past has definitely worked. This talk focuses on the opportunity to help your leaders – and their teams – understand that, if you don’t disrupt your business, someone else will do it for you!


Every company has a culture. It may be expressed in the feelings, tones, moods, and attitudes of your people. Or in the assumptions, values, traditions, artifacts, and ethical understandings/ practices of the organization. More than salaries, benefits, or perks, the employees of today care about working for an organization that shares their values. In an age of statistical “full-employment,” creating these cultures is the key to the #1 issue on the minds of C-Suite executives: hiring and retention of top talent.


It’s common sense: Take care of your staff, and your staff will take care of your customers. But most companies fail to recognize the impact of employee morale on the customer experience…at our own peril. The majority of America’s workforce is actively disengaged – at a cost of $450 billion annually! This talk focuses on both easy and more advanced strategies to create workplaces where employees go above and beyond – because they want to.

10 Outcomes from working with Janine

10 - Captivating presentation

Janine’s style is high energy, powerful delivery, visually captivating, audience interactions, and science-based.

9 – Powerful stories

With 10 years of studying brain science, Janine knows that the best way to engage audiences and have information stick is through compelling stories.

8 – Relatable and engaging

Janine has an authenticity and passion on the stage that stirs people and inspires and motivates change.

7 – Diversify your lineup

As a woman, and as a person who led non-profits and worked for Fortune 200 companies, Janine brings a unique perspective that will add to the diversity of your presentations.

6 – Retention

Janine’s focus on continuous learning will increase the value of your organization from an employment standpoint. A focus on learning adds cachet to your brand, showing that you invest in the personal and career growth of your employees far beyond a paycheck.

5 – Speaks to all 5 generations

Today’s workplace is highly dynamic and, with 5 generations still working, it can be challenging to find a speaker who works for everyone. Janine’s understanding of cross-generational dynamics makes her an ideal speaker for all generations.

4 – Culture shifts

One of the “hot topics” is the need for strong organizational cultures. Janine’s accessibility and style creates safety so that people can learn. Combined with her focus on easy and actionable ideas, Janine’s talks can create meaningful culture shifts with a minimum of time and effort

3 – Customized content and service

Janine always meets audiences where they are. Whether focusing on leadership, culture, new generations, employee engagement, making brain science and motivators accessible, or one of her other topics, she tailors her talk to impact the specific challenges, opportunities and values facing your audience.

2 – Zero drama

Janine is easy to work with and focused on achieving YOUR goals and vision.

New Project

1 – High impact

Audiences love to hear Janine; she’s extremely engaging, and your audience will be empowered with tools that are meaningful, easily actionable and that they can put to immediate use.

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